ATAPOW Chapter 3

Hello everyone, this is the first release of the week! I am actually quite shocked I am able to finish it this quickly this time. Next chapter will probably drop on Wednesday, or Thursday the latest. Our protagonist has realized that he’s running out of money. In this chapter, he will attempt to find a […]

ATAPOW Chapter 2

Hi everyone, it’s me again. Sorry for the late release. Things have been getting busy lately, and this is the third release for last week. As of this post, Chapter 3 should be around 30% done. I will try to release the coming three chapters at a more consistent rate this week. Special shoutout to […]

ATAPOW Chapter 1

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well today. This is the 2nd chapter of the week, more to come! I am still looking for editors so if anyone wishes to help me out, please join my discord and send me a reply, thank you! Of course, if you’re here just to chat, you’re welcome to! […]

ATAPOW Prologue

Hello everyone, this is my first release! I just created this site so there are a lot of things missing, rest assured I will manage to fix it up in days to comes. Anyway, this is the prologue of the novel! I hope you enjoy! I am currently doing translations alone, so if there are […]

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