ATAPOW Chapter 2

Hi everyone, it’s me again. Sorry for the late release. Things have been getting busy lately, and this is the third release for last week. As of this post, Chapter 3 should be around 30% done. I will try to release the coming three chapters at a more consistent rate this week. Special shoutout to […]

ATAPOW Chapter 1

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well today. This is the 2nd chapter of the week, more to come! I am still looking for editors so if anyone wishes to help me out, please join my discord and send me a reply, thank you! Of course, if you’re here just to chat, you’re welcome to! […]

ATAPOW Prologue

Hello everyone, this is my first release! I just created this site so there are a lot of things missing, rest assured I will manage to fix it up in days to comes. Anyway, this is the prologue of the novel! I hope you enjoy! I am currently doing translations alone, so if there are […]

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