ATAPOW Chapter 106(Sponsored Chapter #23) and 17 German Chapters Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! It’s been a while and we are now into the new year of 2021! How is everyone doing? With this chapter, I have finally cleared the sponsored queue, yay! Due to a lot of real-life commitments and holidays, it has taken me quite a while to clear them! Hopefully, things will pick up the pace now.

For all the german fans of this novel out there, Suche has completed a whopping 17 chapters, thereby completing Volume 1 in its entirety! *Claps* So for all the readers out there that know German, I strongly recommend you give the German translation a try! For fans who want to pick up where they left off, this can do so here!(Chapter 40)

Also, since I have cleared the backlog, I have opened up the donation queue! If anyone wants to fill up the meter and support my cause, they can check out my kofi or paypal!

Special thanks to Suche, Kyklu, and Mysti for editing the chapter!

This chapter has been made possible by these wonderful people Kofi-Supporter, Cyell, Diktorius and Rafa! Thank you so much!

In the previous chapter, the team has made its way into the sewers. What sort of adventure awaits them? Click here to find out!

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