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ATAPOW Chapter 10 Released!

Hello everyone, this is the 2nd chapter of the week. We’ve finally reached the double digits and are in Chapter 10! *Clap, clap!* Since we are on the double digits now, I’d like to repeat the call for donations. There are some expenses that we have to pay for here, chief of which is site […]

ATAPOW Chapter 9 Released!

Hello everyone, this is the first chapter of the week! I am sorry that this took a while to come out, I am having a bad headache these past few days. Expect the next chapter to come out soon! Special thanks to Mystl and The Immortal Wolf for editing this chapter! In the previous chapter, […]

ATAPOW Chapter 8 Released!

Hello everyone, this is the last chapter of the week! I hope everyone is fine and dandy! I will like to take this opportunity to welcome another editor, The Immortal Wolf, in my team. He’s the editor for “Divine Brilliance” and has edited a series of novels before! With him and Mystl around, I am […]

ATAPOW Chapter 7

Hi everyone! This is the second chapter of the week. So first thing first, a big thank you to Anon for giving me my first Kofi! It really boosts my motivation, as it helps alleviate the domain and hosting bills I pay to keep the website running! I promise to work even harder so that […]

ATAPOW Chapter 6 released!

Hello everyone, this is the first release for this week. As I am feeling a bit better today, I am able to finish this chapter and upload it for you guys! The next chapter will probably be out tomorrow or the day after so stay tuned! So our protagonist went out for lunch in the […]

ATAPOW Chapter 3

Hello everyone, this is the first release of the week! I am actually quite shocked I am able to finish it this quickly this time. Next chapter will probably drop on Wednesday, or Thursday the latest. Our protagonist has realized that he’s running out of money. In this chapter, he will attempt to find a […]

ATAPOW Chapter 2

Hi everyone, it’s me again. Sorry for the late release. Things have been getting busy lately, and this is the third release for last week. As of this post, Chapter 3 should be around 30% done. I will try to release the coming three chapters at a more consistent rate this week. Special shoutout to […]

ATAPOW Chapter 1

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well today. This is the 2nd chapter of the week, more to come! I am still looking for editors so if anyone wishes to help me out, please join my discord and send me a reply, thank you! Of course, if you’re here just to chat, you’re welcome to! […]

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