ATAPOW Chapter 108 Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! Well, it’s honestly been a long period for me, what’s with Chinese New Year and everything! I have managed to take out my graphic card for the time being, so I will be using my integrated graphic card for the time being to fix and write out some chapters temporary! As I don’t know when the exact date when I will pass my computer to the computer shop, there will be some difficulties in clearing the queue!

A special thank you to Ellie Peterson for the support! You guys are amazing!

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Special thanks to Kyklu, Suche, Shruikan, Mysti as well as the random folks in discord for all your help in this chapter!

Warning: This chapter and the subsequent ones to come may contain elements that readers may feel uncomfortable with.

In the previous chapter, our protagonist and his group of merry friends have been forced into an encounter with the goblins. What will happen next? Click here to find out!

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