ATAPOW Chapter 130-131 & 6 German Chapters Released!

Hello, hello! Kurisu here! Hope you guys don’t miss me too much! As the bearer of good news, I have arrived to bring you a big release, with 2 chapters and 6 German chapters available for you guys to freely read! The next release will probably tackle some of the queues we have remaining as well. If all things go well, Vol 2 and hopefully the middle of Vol 3 will probably be done by the end of this year, so keep an eye out for that.

Like always, these two chapters wouldn’t be complete without our MVPs, Mysti and Suche, so a big thank you to them!

In case, you missed out on the first paragraph, our word witch, as well as our favourite resident German translator Suche has also translated 6 German chapters for our German readers! You can read them here!

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In the previous chapter, everything seems to have gone wrong for our enemy as he tries to escape from the menace that is our protagonist. What will happen next? Click Chapter 130 and Chapter 131 to find out!

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