ATAPOW Chapter 91, 92 & 13 German Chapters Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! I hope that you all are having a fine day! As promised, I have come bearing the last chapter for two weeks ago, and the chapter last week. By the end of this week, I will try to finish up the chapters owed for last week once that is done, we can move on to the backlogs! (Sigh, if only the German chapters can count as covering up backlogs, that’d be great!)

Also, good news for our German reading fans! Our very German TL machine, Suche, has gone crazy and translated 13 chapters of ATAPOW in German for us. It will probably be the last chapters she will do for a while cause of real life. So do thank her for it! So for our German friends, Guten Tag! You can continue the journey from Chapter 20 onwards!

A special thank you to Suche, Shruikan and Mysti for looking over the chapters!

For us english speaking folks, you can access the next chapters here and here! Enjoy!

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