ATAPOW Chapter 93 & 94 Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! Sorry for the delays! I hope everyone is doing well lately. These are the two chapters from last, last week! With that done, it’s going to be full speed ahead on the backlog now!

Before I begin, I will want to let everyone know that we have changed the name, Chestnut with Anna. The reason for that is because Chestnut or ‘Lizi’ is a part of her name as a whole, and it wouldn’t fit the name of her character if we continue to leave it like that!

Also, a special thank you to Mist for providing the VIP chapters, we’re about to hit the VIP section, so it really helps to have access to the sponsored chapters!

Special thanks to Mysti and Suche for looking through those chapters.

In the previous chapter, we managed to get a deeper look at the machinations behind the city and the Chivalric Order. What’s going to happen next to our pals? Click Chapter 93 and Chapter 94 to find out!

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