Observation Chapter 1

Observation Chapter 1

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Observation Chapter 1: A dream resembling reality(1)

The setting sun was dyed in a mesmerizing blood-red hue.

As twilight descended, the library building of the university appeared to be crafted from fresh blood.

*Thud, thud, thud*

An incomparably frightened youth shot out a dimly lit path and hurriedly rushed through the partially-opened door of the library.

Even then, he appeared to be quite uneasy.

He gathered whatever moveable objects within his reach and barricaded the large door, causing a large amount of noise in the process.

It was almost as if…

…there was something extremely frightening pursuing him!

However, regardless of his efforts, he could not escape the overwhelming sense of insecurity.

“Holy shit! What exactly is this cursed place!”

The guy panted heavily as he used his heavily trembling hand to wipe off the beads of sweat covering his face.

Words of ‘unparalleled elegance and refinement’ had flown out his mouth without a second thought.

The irregular heaving of his chest and the slight paleness of his complexion indicated that his strength was on the brink of running out.

He raised his head and cast a glance towards the teaching block, which was a few hundred meters away.

‘She… couldn’t have followed me all the way here… right?’

Suddenly, the faint sound of footsteps arrived in his ears…

It seemed like someone was approaching.

The youth could hear his heartbeat escalating as he hurriedly covered his mouth and nose. He crouched down and sought refuge beneath a table, concealing himself from sight.

After a long moment, the sound of footsteps echoed once more, before gradually fading away.

‘Did she leave?’

Out of caution, the guy listened attentively.

It was not until another 7-8 minutes had passed and his physical condition mostly recovered that he slowly rose up to his feet.

‘She should be gone. I-… have narrowly avoided a disaster…’

‘Alright, time to think of a way to get out of here…’

Just when he was about to take a break, the feeling of being hit by lightning struck his body, causing him to freeze in place.

He slowly turned around…

A pair of eyes glowing with a red hue had appeared on the other side of the door.

“So you’re actually in there, Lin Qian♪~!”

An excited female voice suddenly traveled through the air, accompanied by the dry, hoarse sound of metal scraping against the ground.

“Lin Qian♪~ Open the door. Be a nice classmate~… and let’s play a game together?”

An eerie, twisted, and sickening voice reverberated through the library, tormenting Lin Qian’s mental state to the verge of collapse.

He finally lost it…

“Play games, my ass! I’m not your classmate and I don’t have any deranged classmates like you! I don’t even know you! Who the hell are you anyway?”

“You really won’t play with me? I can’t believe you’d actually reject such a cute girl like myself… Don’t you understand how much I desire for us to be together?…”

“Why should I care about what you think? I refuse! I implore you, just get as far away from me as you can!”

“I know you want me to get far away from you… but I can’t bear to do so. If you reject me… I’ll have no other choice, but to…”

“Do you know, Lin Qian? There is only one way out.”

“She has gone off the rails! Has the whole world gone mad…?!”

Lin Qian tried his best to control his emotions as he gradually retreated deeper into the library.

“A Lin Qian who isn’t mine… Is a very bad person…”

“I want to make you mine and turn you into my classmate, Lin Qian~”

“If you don’t listen to me obediently, you’re going to be broken once I am done playing with you~”


“Get lost! You lunatic!”

“How could you… How could you tell me to go away… and reprimand me… You’ve changed, Lin Qian… I’m so hurt…”

“How did things turn out this way?…”


The voice outside the door abruptly fell into eerie silence.

It seemed like the calm before a storm.


‘Are you a fool?’

‘How could you be oblivious to that?!’

Goosebumps erupted all over Lin Qian’s body and his feet trembled incessantly.

He was too terrified to utter a word.

A loud voice was relentlessly echoing in his subconsciousness…

‘You’ll die.’

‘If you agitate her any further… you’ll really die…’


A series of lovely and pleasant-sounding laughter resounded, a stark contrast to the hearty cackling of before.

“It’s alright, Lin Qian~ It’s all the same to me…”

“I’ve just wished to be a bit more gentle… But if I’m too soft… you’ll just abandon me…”

“In that case, I…”

The voice outside the door suddenly turned incredibly tender, resembling the excessively sweet words of affection uttered by a maiden who was lost in the sea of love.

The edges of Lin Qian’s eyes began to twitch frantically.

This was definitely not a sign of things getting better.

‘Calm down… Calm down…’

Lin Qian desperately tried to self-hypnotize, repeating his words as if calling out to something.

However, no matter how hard he tried, it failed to achieve the effect he wanted.

The state of perfect calmness he sought had evaded him completely.

Instead, his mind was plagued by chaotic thoughts and the girl’s morbid voice.

Just the mere sound of her voice had destined the person outside the door to be his arch-nemesis.

She had completely and utterly subdued him in every aspect.

As if his earlier efforts had yielded some sort of effect, Lin Qian felt like his heartbeat was gradually calming down somewhat.

A university freshman, he was also a web novel author who wrote visceral and unsettling stories.

As a broke writer whose craft revolved around penning dark and intense novels, it came to no surprise that he had conjured up a sizable amount of deranged characters.

Most of those psychopaths possessed a twisted psyche, wielding either immense physical strength or superior intelligence. They all took immense pleasure in the wonderful sensation of toying with their victims.

However, they would strictly adhere to the rules governing their twisted games and derive their perverse pleasure through those meticulously crafted rules.


Lin Qian decided to take a chance, as there was a high possibility that the person before him could be such a psychopath.

“Only a well-behaved and obedient girl can earn the favor of others… Weren’t you going to play a game with me? If so, we must discuss the rules. First, you need to enter this library.”


“Of course.”

Just as the words had left his mouth, a loud banging sound suddenly reverberated, causing the doors to the library to shake violently.

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