ATAPOW Chapter 80 & 81 & 10 German Chapters Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! It’s been more than a month since my last post, how is everyone doing? I am sorry for taking this long to post and release, long story short, some personal stuff happened and my monitor broke down, so it has taken me some time to fix things and get back on the right track. While I am still trying to get into the momentum in the meantime, I have made sure to translate the next chapter so I will release it tomorrow!

Special thank you to Zane Witherspoon, Caelan Fast, and Scott Ellis for the generous donation! I have taken the liberty to close the donation queues for now, as I am aware that there are a lot of backlogs waiting for me to clear. I will try to finish them as soon as possible this time(Hopefully with no obstruction this time, 2020 has been a shitty year)!

On the bright side, for all the German readers, there’s a total of 10 chapters waiting for you, courtesy of my editor Suche! She has taken the time and effort to painstakingly translate all 10 chapters from English to German in my absence, so I highly recommend you all check it out! I won’t be linking every one of them, but you can start at Chapter 3 and work yourself up from there! Thank you once more, Suche!

Special thanks to Suche, Mysti, Shruikan and of course, the marvelous Kurisu A.K.A me, for the 2 English chapters ๐Ÿ™‚

In the previous chapter, our protagonist has gone into the Sacred Martial Association and managed to meet up with a branch head, whose ego was so high, he didn’t recognize Mount Tai. Will he be able to recognize MC in the next few chapters? Click Chapter 80 and Chapter 81 to find out!

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Find any editing errors in the chapter? Please join my discord and point it out! Of course, if youโ€™re just here to chat, youโ€™re welcome to! We are always looking for people to fill up our amazing community ๐Ÿ™‚

See you next time!

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