ATAPOW Chapter 77 and ATAPOW Prologue(German) Released!

Guten Tag, Minna-san! Kurisu here, this is the third chapter of last week! Going to work on the next chapter after I post this, I promise.

A lot of you may wonder why I am suddenly speaking in German, well the thing is, my editor Suche Nutzername is working on the German adaptation of the novel! As of now, she has finished the Prologue, but there will be more to come! So for my Deutsche boys, you can check it out over here

As for my email, I have managed to get into contact with the support team and we will be sorting out the issue shortly. Hopefully, it’s enough to get it done this week! In any case, I still owe you guys a lot of chapters, so I will work on it!

Special thanks to Shruikan, Mysti, Suche Nutzername and Kyklu for looking over the chapter!

In the previous chapter, our protagonist has gone out with Lin for some errands. Will something happen in the journey? Click here to find out!

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See you tomorrow!

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