ATAPOW Chapter 77

ATAPOW Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Objectives

“Mr. Ji Bai, are you heading out?”

“Mhm. I reckon I won’t be back until dinner time.” Answered Ji Bai after estimating.

“But, your internal injuries…”

As he had overused his 【Divine Vein】 yesterday, his bodily functions had prematurely degraded into how they were when his disease erupted, causing a series of embarrassing situations.   

This caused Ke’er to firmly believe that Ji Bai had suffered some internal injuries while battling against the demons to save her. No matter how Ji Bai tried to explain- even combining the four Wuxia and Xuanhuan masterpieces1 into one book- Ke’er still continued to have a skeptical look on her face.

‘I never would’ve thought that this girl could be this tough to deceive!’ 

“Well, you can be at ease. This body of mine is still tough. Staying at home all this while is making mold grow on it; It’s time for me to go out and take a stroll. What’s more, I’m not going out alone anyway. Your sister Lin will drag me back if anything happens.” Ji Bai rubbed Ke’er’s head with his hand.  

“Nyaa, nyaa~” Ke’er narrowed her eyes in a comfortable manner, and puerilely mewed twice.  


The soft and supple touch of her fur felt like high-grade fabric, making Ji Bai somewhat reluctant to part with it. As he moved his hand all the way down her cherry-colored long hair, he touched her…

“Nyaa, nyaa, nyaa~?! M-Mr. Ji Bai… That place is a no-no…” The pitch of Ke’er’s mews had changed. As her face blushed red from embarrassment, she looked at Ji Bai’s dirty hand with conflicted and anxious eyes.  

“Ehh… I-I’m sorry. I was a bit distracted just now.” It was only then that Ji Bai, who had awoken from his stupor, realized the type of dangerous act he was committing. He immediately took back the hand that had committed the act. 

“Mr. Ji Bai. This type of thing… Is not permitted! I am still too young for that!” Ke’er had seemingly taken quite an offense as her cheeks were completely puffed up right now. 

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault…” Ji Bai awkwardly scratched his head. 

‘I was petting the kitten, and my hand casually slipped downwards and touched somewhere instead. I almost forgot I can’t go too overboard with this Kitten. This must never happen again! Otherwise, I’ll definitely be arrested and sent to a prison cell, or an execution ground!’  


Only after instructing Ke’er on some trivial matters could Ji Bai assuredly change into his school uniform. Under Lil Sha’s meaning gaze which suggested that he should quickly leave and not interrupt the two of them, he walked out of the door. 

He then loosened his collar, allowing his neck to be at ease. 

Although the school uniform wasn’t cozy, at least it fitted. The material was countless times better than the clothes he had bought off the street vendor, so there was nothing he could be picky about. 

Walking out of the door to his dormitory, he nodded and motioned to Lin who was waiting for him outside.  

As they left the campus, Lin walked ahead while Ji Bai tailed behind. The two behaved like a pair of strangers with both refusing to talk to the other. 

“Are your injuries alright?” Lin suddenly opened her mouth while walking ahead. 

“Hmm?” At that moment, Ji Bai actually thought he was hallucinating. 

“Are you referring to me? Can I interpret that as you showing your concern for me?” Ji Bai pointed at himself. He was amused.

“Mr. Cockroach sure loves to flatter himself. I just don’t wish to be burdened with the task of carrying you while we’re on the way back.” Lin said indifferently.  

“Wouldn’t everything be fine if you don’t carry me then? I am not feeble to the point where someone needs to help me up.”   

“…” The two of them turned silent. With each of them entertaining the thoughts in their mind, they walked on the streets, one behind the other.   

“Ol’ Zhang, are you aware of that incident two days ago?” 

“Of course I do! A big incident like demons attacking a city is something that everyone in the city knows about, without a doubt! Speaking of which, has anything happened to your family? This incident had stirred up quite a big impact everywhere.”  

“No, no. Fortunately, my family lives in the center of the city, and there’s quite a distance from the site of the incident. I really didn’t dare imagine it… Even the demon-sealing barrier is unable to stop the demons from attacking the city? If that’s the case, where else in the world is it safe…??”

“Ol’ Bright, your information is outdated! According to the latest news from the official sources, the reason behind it was because the frontline knights that were protecting the city had defected their posts. One of their leaders had wanted to collaborate with the enemy and spark a rebellion. Colluding with the Night Knights that were hidden in the city walls, they had released the demons into the city and had narrowly created a large disaster. Thanks to the perceptive vigilance from one of the Chivalric Order of Radiant Knight’s branches, they were able to obtain some clues and dispatched the army to the frontline on time. This is how they managed to capture the demons that were attacking the city and the traitorous knights in one go!”  

“What?? So this is what actually happened?”

“Of course. Now that the truth is out, everyone from the border town all the way down to the entire human federation knows about it!” Said Ol’ Zhang. 

“To actually betray humans and open the city gates for the demons… Isn’t this too nasty?! What sort of benefits had those demons promised those guys for them to give their lives to an outsider!?” Said Ol’ Bright in an indignant manner. 

“Tch! What do you think? The frontline knights aren’t part of the official knight’s establishment. The only people that were willing to enlist were those paupers that had miserable lives. These dregs of society who have never received higher education in their lives would be moved as long as any benefit passed by them. It isn’t strange that they’re capable of doing anything… As a matter of fact, all of the frontline knights had already been arrested and brought to justice. They are currently all tied up at the city center in Huaxi plaza and are being shown to the public for a day. When tomorrow comes, they’ll be put on trial in front of the public and beheaded.” 

“Serves them right! This bunch of free-loading backstabbers! They took the money of us humans, yet had done nothing decent at all! They’re truly a bunch of uncultured beggars! Even giving them death by a thousand cuts is letting them off too easy! 

“Hey! Do you want to go and see the commotion tomorrow?? We can see how that bunch of scoundrels die, hahaha!”

With his hands in his pocket, Ji Bai stood still. He had heard the passerby’s conversation without missing a single word.   

He then glanced ahead of him at Lin. She had stopped at some point and was fiddling with her phone while leaning against the wall. 

“Parasite. The road towards the food market doesn’t seem to be this way, does it? Don’t tell me that you want to go to the city center to buy a couple of battery-powered cars??” Ji Bai pointed at the two words on a signpost which clearly read ‘City Center’. 

“Let me guess. That c*nt Lin Tuo hadn’t asked us to do some purchases at all, did he?  You just merely wanted me to come outside, am I right?”  

Lin raised her head and looked at Ji Bai in a calm manner. She neither affirmed nor denied his questions. 

“It’s very unfitting of your personality to buy vegetables without bringing a food basket… You didn’t need to go through such a big loop if this is what you wanted to tell me.” Ji Bai shot a glance at the passersby. 

“But, I’ll still have to give you my appreciation for showing me all this, despite my hate for vampires… I will be going ahead.”

“…” Lin quietly looked at the silhouette of Ji Bai’s back for a brief moment, turned around and headed into the opposite direction.

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  1. Refers to a story genre that is commonly known as cultivation novels. When translated literally, Wuxia is martial heroes, while Xuanhuan is basically a fantasy version of wuxia, with immortals and all that.

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