ATAPOW Chapter 55 & 56 Released!(End of Volume 1)

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! I hope everyone is doing well! Sorry for the late releases! As most of the staff here(including myself) have fallen ill during this week, the schedule we have in place have inevitably delayed the chapters. I will try to upload them earlier next week so that the flow of the chapters will be more constant! These chapters are also pretty long compared to the normal chapters, so I hope you will enjoy reading them all!

Also, as you may have noticed we have already reached the end of Volume 1! I hope everyone enjoys the adventures of Ji Bai thus far. I know that most are complaining about his character, and how he is pretty racist(I wonder if that’s the word?) over the course of these chapters, but trust me, it’s going to get better! I will like to thank all the readers and supporters that have supported our journey thus far! Without you guys, I would have bailed! Thank you for being so patient and understanding, and I hope you will stick with me in the times to come!

Also, as I have mentioned before, the following chapters will get be longer in word count soon. So there may be a need for us to split the chapters. Don’t worry though, anything lesser than 3k chapters will still be released as a whole. So there’s that! This change affects the donation bar too, so I will have to tweak it accordingly in the future.

A special thank you to Mechacoin, Charles Smith and Richard Henderson for your generous donations! Words can’t express how much I am grateful for your support!

For anyone who wants to fill up the meter and support my cause, they can check out my kofi or paypal!

Special thanks to Mysti and Kyklu for editing these two chapters! Without them stepping up, the release of these two chapters will have taken a much longer time as usual!

In the previous chapter, Ji Bai seems to have fallen into a precarious situation. With nary a solution in sight, will he be able to defeat his enemies and rescue the hostage? Click Chapter 55 and Chapter 56 to find out!

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See you soon!

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