ATAPOW Chapter 191 Released! (End of Vol. 3)

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! Happy New Year! I hope everyone is doing great in this new year. For me, January with a really hot couple of weeks, so it’s been really rough! This chapter was originally scheduled to come out earlier, but there’s been a lot of edits that I have to run through, so it took more than a day than expected.

Anyway, while it’s been a long and rough run, we have reached the end of Volume 3. I hope you guys have enjoyed the story so far. With the end of this volume comes a series of major announcements, so my team and I will probably take a couple of weeks off to work out these changes and get everything ready for that. I hope you guys can understand and wait for the changes to be revealed!

Following my previous announcement, a kind stranger stepped up to help us out. Thank you nyandeyanen for the support, I appreciate it!

That said, we are still 50 dollars away from the cost though. So if anyone has a few dollars to spare and is willing to donate a few dollars to our cause, you can do so through kofi or paypal!

Special thanks to Suche and Mysti for looking through this chapter!

With the battle ending in the protagonist’s victory, what will happen next? Click here to find out!

Until next time :),

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