ATAPOW Chapter 112 & 113 Released! (Sponsored Chapter #24 & #25)

Hello everyone! Kurisu here! Sorry for the long wait, since the second chapter was about to be ready, I’ve decided to release them all in one go for your enjoyment!

Also, Suche has already passed me the next big batch of German Chapters, 18 chapters to be precise, so you German fans will have something to look forward to in the next release!

A big thank you to Suche, Mysti, Shruikan, and Kyklu for helping out with this batch of chapters!

If anyone wants to fill up the meter and support my cause, they can check out my kofi or paypal!

These two chapters are brought to you by Rafa, Kenneth Wajda, Ko-fi Supporter, Nathaniel Davidson. Thank you for supporting this wonderful community!

A catastrophe has fallen onto the protagonist and his party in the previous chapter. What could happen next? Click on Chapter 112 and Chapter 113 to find out more!

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Until next time :),

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