End of Volume 2! ATAPOW Chapter 163(Sponsored Chapter #48) and 17 German Chapters Released!

Hello, 你好, Kurisu here! Happy Easter! How are you guys doing? With this chapter, I am proud to say that Volume 2 has been completed! It has honestly been a long time in the making, with many man-hours spent, but I am glad I pulled through!

This is also the longest volume of this series and we will be moving towards Volume 3, which coincidentally, happens to be the shortest one there!

A really big thank you to all that joined us! And more importantly to the staff here(Mysti, Shruikan and Suche) for helping out. The three of them have been here since the start, if not, relatively early in the series and all of it will not have happened without them! I am really grateful to all of them for their help, and I wish you guys can join me in thanking them in the comment session below 🙂

For the discord fans who have stuck out with us during the entirety of Volume 2, we will also be giving them a role… which will be left mysterious for now. Before I forget, we will also be taking a break this coming week to recuperate. I am sure our staff(myself actually:P) needs the rest!

If anyone wants to support me, they can check out my kofi or paypal!

As promised, our German resident, Suche has blessed our German readers with a total of 17 German chapters, beginning from Chapter 111! You can begin reading here!

Special thanks to Suche and Mysti for looking through this chapter!

A big thank you to Hayazi96, Diktorius, Cyell for this chapter!

Will the antagonist’s card in his sleeves be enough to turn the tides of the battle? Click here to find out!

Find any editing errors in the chapter? Please join my discord and point it out! Of course, if you’re just here to chat, you’re welcome to! We are always looking for people to fill up our amazing community 🙂

Until next time :),

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