ATAPOW Chapter 74 Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! Sorry for the late release of this chapter. This is the 3rd chapter of last week! As people on discord may have known, there are some issues with the ads, so I have been spending the majority of my time this week fixing it, and not doing any of the additional chapters. At the time of this post, I will be starting the translation for the chapters this week, so hopefully, we will be able to touch some of the queued chapters!

Special thanks to Kyklu, The Immortal Woof, and Mysti for this chapter!

The last two chapters were pretty dark, but thankfully, things end on a lighter note on this chapter, as the spotlight once again turns towards the folks at the Chivalric Order of the Moon. Click here to read it!

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Find any editing errors in the chapter? Please join my discord and point it out! Of course, if you’re just here to chat, you’re welcome to! We are always looking for people to fill up our amazing community 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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