ATAPOW Chapter 52 Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! This is the 3rd chapter of the week! I am sorry I haven’t posted this on time, as I have been swamped lately. There are some delays regarding the 4th and 5th chapter, as there’s a power shortage in my editor area and he hadn’t got the chance to edit them. He will probably get to it by tomorrow. So we will get to see the two chapters pretty soon!

There will be 2 more chapters until the end of volume 1 and once that is done, I will be taking a short break! It will be a well-deserved break as well, as my birthday is coming up and there’s some important stuff to settle! Speaking of which, I have realized that there are 2 May babies in my team! A few days back, it was also the birthday of one of my editors, Shruikan, as well! Everyone, please wish him a late Happy Belated Birthday!

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Special thanks to The Immortal Woof, Shruikan and Mysti for editing this chapter!

In the previous chapter, Ke’er and the knights escorting her seems to have encountered a bunch of demons. What will be their fate? Will they be able to fight their way out? Click here to find out!

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See you tomorrow!

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