ATAPOW Chapter 5 released!

Hello everyone, this is originally supposed to be the 3rd chapter of last week, but I have to delay everything as I have come down with a bad rash. I will try to rush out chapter 6 and give it to you guys tomorrow, but we will see.

Not to reiterate the call, but I am really really need an editor very badly. These 6 chapters were done without one, and it’s zapping most of my mental faculties away.. If you want to go in there and chat, please do so too. The link to my discord is here.

So our main character has gotten into a restaurant and saw a bunch of knights. Could those knights be tied to his past? Click here to find out!

Enjoy what I am doing? You can treat me to a cup of kofi here. Every dollars given will be added to the overall sponsored chapter queue!

See you guys on the next chapter!

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