ATAPOW Chapter 26 Released! (Sponsored Chapter #2)

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! As promised, this is the sponsored chapter of the week a.k.a 5th and last chapter release of the week! The next chapter will be appearing quite a few days later, cause I have been pretty exhausted in rushing out chapters recently.

And yeah, we are already 20% into the new donation goals already, and that’s great! However, just a tiny heads up for everyone, that donation goal will be taking effect after I have completed the current one! Once again, let me read out the names of the people that have brought you this chapter! *Does calculation and reads out name* Bjorn,Alexander Wroe, Morokai33 and FruitJelly! Thank you all of you so much! A big thank you to William Dawson as well for being the first person to support us after we hit our donation goals! I can’t appreciate how grateful I am!

We are now 5 dollars away from the next sponsored chapter, so if anyone is interested they can check out my kofi or paypal!

A big thank you to my editing team(Mysti, The Immortal Woof and Regbot.Shrui) for this chapter!

In the previous chapter, Ji Bai’s contact(a loli) has led him into a toilet. Could we expect “that” to happen in this chapter? Click here to find out!

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See you all next time!

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