ATAPOW Chapter 222 Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! I hope you guys didn’t miss me so much, either way, I am back! How did everyone’s Christmas go? I had quite a good time, hope you guys have been getting a lot of presents. If all goes well, a sponsored chapter will be released somewhere near the end of the year/or the beginning of next year, so look forward to that!

For those who are part of the Blood Princess tier on our Patreon, this also concludes Volume 4. If you wish to read ahead and complete the volume, you can do so by visiting our Patreon page here!

Special shoutout to: Joshua, Explorer, Dk S, Tsummy, Yorume,Jaye,miłosz,Stephen, Danial, Blazouille, Anstem, Joe, Akari, passedskittles, PatrickStar, Orion, superalv123, Adymus, Eluay, Nickmaster, Matt, Zack, Natalie, Alejandromp007, ItsAzzyHere, nyandeyanen, Weredrake! Your subscriptions mean the world to me, and I am grateful for your encouragement and generosity!

Special thank you to Suche and Mysti for looking over the chapter!

The spotlight now falls back to the Asiatic Cat Restoration Society, after a brief intermission focusing on a fellow vampire from the Leforno Family. How will they react? Click here to find out!

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