ATAPOW Chapter 185 Released!

Hello everyone! Kurisu here! I hope every one of you has been doing great! It’s going to be Halloween in 5 days, can you imagine how fast time flies? It’s crazy! Once again, I am sorry for the late release! This chapter took a while to edit/translate so it took some time to put all of it out there.

We also got an amazing donation from NickMaster. Thanks again, Nick! We really appreciate your support!

It’s that time of the year again. So if anyone wishes to support my work, and possibly pay for my Halloween costume, you can check out my kofi or paypal!

Special thanks to Suche and Mysti for looking through this chapter!

After a hilarious misunderstanding between the protagonist and Lin in the previous chapter, what awaits them next? Click here to find out!

Until next time :),

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