ATAPOW Chapter 137 & 3 German Chapters Released!

Hello everyone, Kurisu here.The next chapter is here! No ETA on the next chapter, it will be ready when it’s ready, but it’s around 20% done so look forward to that πŸ™‚

As promised, I have also come bearing some random minecraft screenshots of the things we did there, here are some of the stuff that we built(and discovered) in this world!

Looks like someone is busy a palace πŸ™‚ Credit to: Bogdi479
Someone found a flower paradise! Credit to Mist
Beautiful house that’s built by my wifey πŸ™‚

…And many more! As always if anyone wants to join, just head to our discord, and pass us your id in the minecraft thread under #gaming. I hope to see you guys there!

Our favourite Suche has also done some German chapters, click here to check it out!

If anyone wants to fill up the meter and support my cause, they can check out my kofi or paypal!

Special thanks to Suche and Mysti for looking through this chapter!

In the previous chapter, our catgirl has succeeded in getting a job. How will things turn out for her? Click here to find out!

If you guys don’t mind supporting me, do you mind leaving a positive rating or review on Novelupdates? It will help me out a lot!

Find any editing errors in the chapter? Please join my discord and point it out! Of course, if you’re just here to chat, you’re welcome to! We are always looking for people to fill up our amazing community πŸ™‚

Until next time :),

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