ATAPOW Chapter 75

ATAPOW Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Do you have a grudge against cherry boys?

“Did you not have a nice rest yesterday, Mr. Ji Bai?” With a meal tray held above her head and a bowl in her hand, Ke’er walked out of the kitchen dressed in a maid outfit.

“…Mhm? N-No. Why do you ask?”

“The rim of your eyes looks somewhat like a panda’s…” 

“…Eeh, that’s because I didn’t properly wash my face. You don’t have to worry about that, aaahhh… (Yawn)”  

Ji Bai felt that his current state wasn’t too great. Even if he was to ignore the fact that he hadn’t slept at all the previous night, his only outfit and pants that could still have been considered presentable were thoroughly drenched. Without any clothing to change into, he was unable to head out and could only be confined to his home. The only thing that he could rejoice in was the fact that the dark circles under his eyes had become a shield for his red and puffy eyes. This would make people believe that his eyes were not swollen from crying, but merely from a lack of sleep.  

If one were to ask Ji Bai why his eyes were swollen from crying at that moment, he would probably contemplate silently for a while, then tell them that he would very much want to know why too.

He could only remember dragging his drenched freeloading self back to the dorms yesterday. With his feelings and emotions at rock bottom, he locked himself into that small room and covered himself with a blanket. As his heart thought about the pair of hair clips, his sorrow began to manifest itself into a river, causing him to cry bitterly for the night. When he awoke, his eyes were already swollen.

There were still a few faint traces of gloominess when he thought about it… Not! 

‘How foolish can your granddaddy be to cry about a stupid hairclip for a whole night? There’s no one to see me cry, nor do I win any money by doing so. Why do I have to cry about it??’

‘It’s better to lose it. I don’t need a hair clip in the first place! Ignoring the fact that the long hair trailing on the ground will tangle up and get in the way, just maintaining and taking care of it in everyday life is an extremely troublesome affair.’

‘If it wasn’t for the tenacious recovery ability a vampire possesses, I’d have completely cut off my meddlesome hair!’

“Is Mr. Ji Bai upset about the drenched clothes~?” 

“…That aspect is a part of it. So. Is this appearance of mine somewhat indecent right now?” Ji Bai pointed at his bare-chested self. 

“I-It’s fine~… Mr Ji Bai truly doesn’t have other clothes to put on, after all. I still have a few clothes of mine that I could…” 

“Sigh, forget it.” ‘I could barely wear your clothes like a mask.’  

Ji Bai thought faintly as he chewed at the peculiar tasting cat-grained biscuit. 

Only after living together for a week did Ji Bai realize a problem.

Ke’er was capable of preparing a meal, yet the only thing she could prepare was this cat-grained biscuit whose ingredients and flavor were unknown… Ji Bai was previously curious and had intended to head into the kitchen to see what sort of ingredient she had used to produce such a distinctive flavored biscuit, but he was chased out of the kitchen by a red-faced Ke’er in the end.  

Perhaps it was the difference in taste between the different species. Ke’er was licking her plate clean, while Ji Bai was eating like he was eating candle wax. 

However, there shouldn’t be any bad effects. After eating it for a week, his intestines were still unobstructed while his appetite remained as great as ever. 

“Ke’er, drink a bit more milk so that you can grow taller. Mhm, it could also boost your development…” 

“Hmm~? Hua~” Ke’er shook her ears as she lowered her head and gnawed on her biscuits. 

Ji Bai became silent after his gaze flitted past Ke’er’s chest. 

‘Why should I be concerned about other people’s problems in that aspect when they’re bigger than mine… Pah! I’m a guy, alright? There’s absolutely no way I can compare mine with a beast-eared she-cat, can I?  Did my thinking go somewhat off the rails these past two days…’

“Ding dong, ding dong~” The sound of the doorbell ringing arrived.  

‘It hasn’t even been two days since we moved in and neighbors are already dropping in??’ Ji Bai lightly pressed down on Ke’er who was planning to get up and placed his bowl and chopsticks down. 

“Who is it? Our house didn’t order any newspaper or milk…” From the small crack that appeared through the door, a natural heliotrope fragrance began to assault his nostrils. This greatly discomforted Ji Bai, who was extremely sensitive to luxury goods. 

“Ke’er, Ke’er~ I’ve come to play with you… Wawawa!! What an ugly panda! Which zoo did this monstrosity escape from?!” The golden silhouette outside the door was badly frightened to the point that her ears stood up. 

“Panda your face! I’m Ji Bai!” The misunderstanding and vilification against his appearance caused Ji Bai’s complexion to turn dark. 

“O-Obscene middle-aged uncle?? …Why are you in this place? Also, why have you put on a panda disguise to frighten your visitors?” Dressed in a black long skirt with silvery laces on the side, Lil’ Sha caressed her non-existent chest in order to soothe her heart that was fluttering with fear. 

“What do you mean by ‘I am in this place’? This place is…” 

“Eh? Is this Lil’ Sha-chan? I’m here~” Before Ji Bai could finish his words, Ke’er had poked her head out while holding onto a rice ladle. 

“…” Lil’ Sha looked at the maid outfit on Ke’er’s body, then at Ji Bai, whose upper-body was exposed.    

“Sorry for disturbing.” Lil’ Sha said and took a step back. As she rummaged through her cartoon-styled shoulder bag, she took out the latest Iph*ne 8S that had just been released into the market. 

“Help me call 9111… Hey! Obscene middle-aged uncle, what’re you doing!? Don’t touch my phone with your dirty hands!” 

“Do you know it’s against the law to call 911 for no reason?” Ji Bai curled his lips and hung up the call.

“How is it without a reason!? I’m going to call the police to arrest you for being a strange old-man that’s assaulting an underaged loli!” Lil’ Sha flashed her canine teeth and viciously brandished her claws, yet that was to no avail as her height was shorter than Ji Bai’s waist. In his eyes, this incomparably vicious move of hers had turned into an act of cuteness.


“What!? Why are you living together with this obscene middle-aged uncle, Ke-er? That won’t do, I’ll not allow it! It’s too dangerous to live under one roof with this obscene middle-aged man who’s a cherry boy and masturbates all day long! Maybe one day, he’ll put some indescribable thing into the food and…”

“Hey, hey. So you’re saying you have a grudge towards cherry boys to be so against them?” Ji Bai felt very hopeless. “If you hate cherry boys so much, then shouldn’t you use your ability and make all of the cherry boys in the world disappear?”

“Kyaa! Disgusting! Pervert! Distasteful! Vulgar…” Lil’ Sha blushed as disgust and disdain were written across her face. She then began to move towards Ke’er.

“You heard that, didn’t you! Ke’er, this guy is a complete sex fiend! You might as well move out and live with me instead. I’ll not mistreat you, I promise!”

“It won’t happen. Mr Ji Bai isn’t that type of person…” Ke’er obediently sat on the sofa as her cheeks slightly blushed.

“Wawa~! Your breakfast is so sumptuous! Ke’er, can you let me have some?” Lil’ Sha slightly froze, as she was about to say something. She sniffed the air with her nose, and fixed her gaze at the items above the dining table.

Sumptuous?? There’s only biscuit and milk here. Can that be regarded as sumptuous??’

“Of course you can~” Ke’er nodded.

“Ehe~ … Speaking of which, the obscene middle-aged uncle won’t charge me any money for it, right? That old man is extremely petty and will bicker with me even for a small pittance. Serves him right that he’s still a cherry boy, hmph!~”

‘…As I thought, you have a grudge against cherry boys, don’t you??’

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