ATAPOW Chapter 74

ATAPOW Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Report

‘Hope Elementary School’, inside the study room of a small western penthouse situated on a boundary edge.

“Mhm, that’s more or less the situation… speaking of which, Lil Yi-Yi, this humble self has a brazen request to ask of you…” Lin Tuo rubbed his hands with an ingratiating expression.

“And I have a set of boxing techniques that I just picked up.” Lan Yi pinched her fists that were the size of a small casserole.

“Ehh…” Having met with rejection, Lin Tuo opened his mouth and swallowed down the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

“What do you think of this, Chivalric Head?” Lan Yi had an inquiring look on her face as she asked this question.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Do you even know how to play as a marksman? Why did you go out when it isn’t tanky and you’re on low hp? How much penguin coins1 are the other side giving you? The player in the mid-lane! Is your ultimate passed down from your ancestors or something? Why are you clenching it in your hands like a treasure and not using it at all?!” With an earphone on her ears, a loli sat cross-legged on an armchair and incessantly gave out tactical commands through her Ip*d. Her childish tone didn’t feel the least bit annoying to the surrounding people, but instead, it was possible that some middle-aged men with strange hobbies would even pay her a large amount of money to have her scold them.

With her delicate thigh crossed together and her feet curling inwards, she was sitting on a rocking chair in a duck-like posture.

“Hur, hur, hur. Have you seen enough?” Lan Yi made a series of smirks as she said so.

“Coug-! Cough! Cough!! W-What’re you saying! I, Lin Tuo, am nothing but an upright gentleman! Unless the lady named Lan Yi looks back at me, I will not take a step past my bottom line!” Lin Tuo’s words were just and filled with sincerity while his expression was passionately endowed with a sense of heroic righteousness. If not for his fleeting eyes that were looking in the distance, Lan Yi would have believed him.

“Jungler! You might as well just die in the jungle forever! Why don’t you look at what time it is now! You only managed to take a few pawns, whereas I… Ehhh? Why did the sound disappear?” Without drinking any water, Anna was verbally giving out tactical commands for an hour. She finally stopped and touched her head, only to find out that her earpiece wasn’t clipped to her ears.

“Wahhhh~! Lan Yiiii~ Hurry up and give Anna’s earpiece back to her. The enemy team is going to rush us with Nashor! My teammates will never make it without my speech to support them~” Anna pleaded as she shook Lan Yi’s hand. The fragileness shown in her watery eyes couldn’t help but make anyone feel sorry for her.

“…It seems that there’s a need to confiscate your Ip*d.” Lan Yi’s eyes were narrowed into a line.

“Wah~ Wah~! Don’t! Lil’ pad makes up half of my life… No! It makes up 90% of my life! If you confiscate it, Anna won’t be able to survive!~”

“… How did you turn out to be this way?” Lan Yi despondingly placed her hand onto her forehead when she saw the shrunken Anna tearily hugging her Ip*d at the wall corner.

‘She wasn’t like this when she first arrived… Is the effect of the environment on living creatures really immutable? Even vampires aren’t exempted from it.’

“Alright, alright. Come back. I won’t confiscate your Ip*d, but you can’t wear your earpiece. Just sit in the corner and listen to us while you play your game.” When faced with her annoying superior who doesn’t respond to both beatings and scoldings, the despondent Lan Yi could only compromise.

”Really?” Anna said while miserably holding back her tears.

“Do you also want me to draw up a contract for you?” While she endured the din that Anna created, a large 💢 formed on Lan Yi’s forehead.

“Sure~” The shrunken Anna remained in the corner and was unwilling to come out no matter what Lan Yi said.

“💢 You’re seriously…” Lan Yi walked to the corner with an expressionless face. She then carried Anna up as if she was lugging a plastic bag and placed Anna back onto her seat once more.

“…” The edge of Lin Tuo’s mouth momentarily twitched as he looked at the two living treasures that were acting out a duet.

“What’s the situation with the casualties and the mission?” Lan Yi didn’t bother with the begrudged loli beside her and continued with her questions.

“If you’re talking about the casualties, the numbers we have are truly a blessing from God. There are only a few knights who sustained minor injuries while not more than five knights are seriously injured. Although the period of time they were out in the field was relatively short, they completed the mission beautifully and obstructed the trolls’ plans to attack the city,” Lin Tuo said resolutely.

“Ahhhhhhh~!” Anna dully operated her Ip*d and let out a yawn.

“Is there anything out of the ordinary that you need to make a report about?”

“Nothing in particular… But if I really have to say something, it would probably be the incident where a little vampire lady gatecrashed her way into the middle of the battlefield. What’s more, she was also a member of the vampire royalty. However, it was fortunate that she was on our side.”

“Vampire royalty?” Lan Yi subconsciously looked at Anna who was honestly sitting on the sofa. However, she didn’t think that the vampire would know Anna or have a very close relationship with her.

“Are you sure you didn’t mistake her for something else? The number of royalty that the vampires have is already sparse to begin with. It’s very unlikely for one to appear at a border town owned by the human federation.”

“Oh, my beloved Lil’ Yi-Yi, I’m sure I didn’t make a mistake. With that tuft of pure silver hair, it’d be hard for me to mistake for something else even if I wanted to!”

“…Oh my god! I’m going to feed~! I’m so pissed and angry right now!~” Anna’s cheeks were puffed up.

“We lost… Oh, that’s right. Speaking of which, what type of hairstyle did that vampire lady have? It’s possible that Anna might know her~” Anna closed her Ip*d and moved her legs to and fro.

“Chivalry Head…?” Lan Yi raised her eyebrows in a surprised manner. Earlier, she had seemingly seen that the crystal was still intact in her game. As someone that adhered religiously to the ideals of “struggling to the end until the world is destroyed”, the sloppy manner of how Anna turned off her Ip*d had made somewhat baffled her.

“Eh? Hairstyle? …It was probably a pair of twin-tails, I guess? Mhm, that should be her hairstyle. I didn’t really pay that much attention while we were in battle.”

“Oh, is that so~? Hehehe. In that case, that should be all for important matters, right?

“Mhm. That pretty much covers it.”

“Oh~” Anna nodded her head. She took out two small bat-shaped clips, as well as a small comb from her nightgown’s pockets. After doing so, she began to comb and tidy up her hair.

“Ta-da! How is it Mr. Lin Tuo? Does it look good?” Using the hair clips to tie her hair into a twin-tail, Anna faced Lin Tuo and gave him a sweet smile.

“It’s extremely cute and suits you to a T! …Eeeeh, no wait! Lil’ Yi-Yi, listen to my explanation first!” Only after he unconsciously blurted out his feelings did Lin Tuo realize that Lan Yi was just by his side. He hurriedly changed his remarks.

However, Lan Yi didn’t respond to Lin Tuo; she was currently taking a closer look at Anna’s new appearance, which felt very refreshing in her opinion. After all, she had practically never seen Anna try out a twin-tail hairstyle before.

“Mhm~ All’s fine as long as it looks good on me. Since you already finished giving your report, why don’t we end it here for today?” Anna gave a satisfactory smile and jumped down from the sofa. While hugging her ip*d, she vivaciously bounced out of the study room.

Lin Tuo was slightly stunned as he looked at the direction where Anna left. He had a nagging feeling that this figure of hers was somewhat familiar, yet at the same time, not entirely familiar to someone.

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  1. Refers to QQ coins.
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