ATAPOW Chapter 197

ATAPOW Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: The Other Side (Bonus: Bai Ji in a maid outfit)

TL Note: Possible trigger warning, be aware!

“According to the rumors going around, Miss Ji Yue is the foster sister of the deceased knight king of the human federation.”

“…” Upon hearing Mylar’s words, Ji Yue remained silent, choosing instead to raise her teacup and took a sip.

The bitter and astringent taste was accompanied by a subtle trace of sweetness that tantalized her taste buds.

“My apologies, it seems that Mylar’s question was rather impolite…”

“That is indeed the case.” Just as Mylar noticed the tense atmosphere and was about to offer her apologies, Ji Yue responded.

She gently placed the teacup down, her crystal-clear violet eyes shimmering like the myriad stars in the sky.

“I see, so that wasn’t just a rumor.” Mylar’s smile carried a hint of intrigue.

“I wonder what other questions Lady Duchess has.”

“Oh my, I just wanted to indulge my curious and gossipy heart. I couldn’t help but wonder, this knight king must have been the cream of the crop among the common folks if he was chosen to be the foster brother of Miss Ji Yue, am I right?”

At that moment, the maid named Xiao Yuan had completed her mistress’ request and now stood respectfully behind her.

‘So this girl is a human…’

Xiao Yuan silently stared at the inscrutable black-haired girl, who was gracefully seated in her chair.

Xiao Yuan’s ears didn’t miss a single word of their conversation. Although they didn’t fully reveal their intentions, she managed to grasp the underlying message conveyed through their words.

Occasionally, her gaze would inadvertently land on the black-haired girl. Although it may have been somewhat impolite, the young maiden within her couldn’t help but indulge her curiosity towards novelty.

‘So this is what a human looks like? It doesn’t seem to be any different to how we look.’

Her seniors would always reveal traces of disdain whenever they spoke of humans in their everyday lives, causing Xiao Yuan to develop an initial perception that they were ‘aesthetically unsightly to look at’.

‘When compared to our appearances, the differences don’t seem to be that significant. Beings with such beauty are extremely rare among our kind too.’

‘However, as vampires, we have no diplomatic relationships with humans other than that armistice treaty. It is highly unusual for Young Missy to receive a human guest today.’

Not long afterwards, a rich and refreshing cocoa scent wafted into the hall on a gust of cold wind.

The well-brewed coffee was then served on the table with deference by the maid.

She dared not show any sign of neglect when it came to a guest personally received by her master. After serving up a cup of fragrant and aromatic coffee, she respectfully positioned herself at the side, awaiting further orders.

“If I’ve said anything offensive, please let me know, Miss Ji Yue. May I also inquire about your feelings towards your big brother?” Perhaps in an attempt to satisfy her curiosity or gauge the girl’s response, a sentence that could be seen as impolite and invasive left Mylar’s mouth before she could come to her senses.

“May I ask if you have an elder brother or sister, Lady Duchess?”

“No I don’t.” Ji Yue’s counter-question caused Mylar to raise her eyebrows.

“My elder brother was like a father to me. Other than that, I have no other sentiments.” Ji Yue drank a cup of coffee.

While Ji Yue’s honest reply gave Mylar somewhat of a surprise, she did not show it in her expressions.

After all, such questions had the potential to encroach on one’s privacy; They were not suitable for casual acquaintances.

The smile she directed at Ji Yue widened and became even more pronounced.

“It’s getting late. May I request that Lady Duchess turns to the business at hand. Border trade is beneficial for both parties and we cannot let our personal affairs interfere with our responsibilities.”

By forcefully changing the topic, Ji Yue had implicitly conveyed her desire to move on and not dwell on this topic any longer.

However, Mylar appeared to have no intentions of letting the matter drop here.

She shot a glance at Xiao Yuan behind her.

The maid tacitly understood her intentions and handed the contract she was holding to her.

“I believe the relevant matters have already been clearly listed out in our letters. If Miss Ji Yue still has any questions, feel free to raise them.”

“…How reliable are the other parties willing to fulfill the relevant matters.” Ji Yue spoke in a clear and unhurried manner.

“Oh~ I see. Is Miss Ji Yue concerned that a small feudal lord like myself may not have the authority to make such decisions?” Mylar said with a smile as she rested her chin on her hand.

“Miss Ji Yue may not be fully aware of the vampire nobility system. Unless the Queen’s order explicitly forbids it, I can give you my full assurance that I’ve the authority to make all decisions regarding Setis Duchy.”

“My apologies, I’ve given the matter too much consideration.”

“No worries.” Although Mylar had spread the contract out on the table, she was not in a hurry to sign it.

“That reminds me, Miss Ji Yue’s foster brother can be considered my old acquaintance.”

“…” Ji Yue slowly pulled her hand back from her cup.

“Fate had given me the opportunity to meet him several times in the past. Mhm… I even recall exchanging a few moves with him on the battlefield. Now that we are on the subject, it was a bit aesthetically fatiguing to see him encased in that tight suit of metallic armor every time we met. After knowing each other for so long, I’m truly curious to see what he looked like underneath the armor~” Mylar said to Ji Yue as if she was talking to herself.

“May I ask why you’re bringing these up to me?” Ji Yue silently said as she raised her teacup.

The contents of the conversation had clearly overstepped the scope of their superficial relationship.

“I apologize for my earlier comment for speaking out of turn earlier. I suppose seeing Miss Ji Yue just ‘reminded me of some things’. In any case, I am grateful for a significant favor that your foster brother once did for me.”

‘Truly, I owe him a debt of gratitude for helping me dispose of that old fool.’

A strange and sinister smile flitted past the corners of Mylar’s lips.

“After all, it’s inappropriate to judge a deceased warrior’s appearance. Now then, Miss Ji Yue, let’s get down to business…”


“…Here are the mutually beneficial terms and the risk clauses that each party is required to be subject to. I would like to know your thoughts on them, Miss Ji Yue.”

“They’re acceptable.”Ji Yue slowly spoke after repeatedly flipping through the parchment and scrutinizing the listed clauses.

She felt a pair of eyes gazing at her body.

When she lifted her head, Ji Yue suddenly felt Mylar looking across her, observing her every movement with keen interest. She had propped her beautiful cheeks up with her hands, as her amber long hair cascaded downwards alongside her fingers.

“Has anyone told you that your every facial expression is very enchanting, Miss Ji Yue?”

“Your compliments are lost on me, Lady Duke. This Ji Yue cannot accept them.” Ji Yue expressionlessly placed the contract down and sat upright.

“If there is nothing left for us to discuss today, do allow me to take my leave.”

“Xiao Yuan, send Miss Ji Yue back to her quarters.”

“Understood.” Xiao Yuan replied.

Seeing Ji Yue walking into the distance, Mylar burst into a child-like smile.

This seemingly fifteen-year-old girl had ventured alone deep behind enemy lines into a center of vampire power. Despite being in a place that would strike fear into the hearts of low-tier species, her expression remained unfazed and composed.

This composed and serious demeanor of Ji Yue captivated Mylar somewhat.

“If the human alliance cannot endure for much longer, feel free to count on me for assistance, Miss Ji Yue. Mylar will definitely love you dearly until the end of your days.

Ji Yue’s body paused for a moment. “When that day comes, I’ll consider it.”

She didn’t seem to take her words seriously.

Mylar smiled meaningfully before standing up and walking out of the hall.

It was time for her to relax a little.


In a prison situated underneath the keep of the castle.

Very few people were aware that there was another world lying beneath.

The servants who had unwittingly triggered the prison’s mechanism had all become part of its decorations.

Dim lights swayed in the darkness, faintly illuminating a few petite silhouettes behind metal bars.

“Clack, clack, clack…” The sound of gradually approaching footsteps could be heard echoing from the steps.

The periodic footsteps seemed to strike the hearts of everyone inside the metal cells.

“He-he. It’s been a night since we last saw each other. Is everyone still doing okay?” In the dim light, long amber-hair glimmered with a brilliant radiance.

A young girl in her prime arrived before the metal bars. Dressed in gorgeous clothes, she had a smile hanging from the corner of her lips and a trace of a perverse flush showing up in her face.

“Uuu…” As if she had startled some sort of creatures behind the metal bars, the ‘petite silhouettes’ began to rapidly withdraw into the shadows.

“Eeeh? What are all of you doing? Why are you hiding from me? I’m clearly here to bring ‘food’ to you all.” Mylar said as she tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“You won’t be getting any food today if you don’t come to me.” Mylar’s eyes gradually filled with emptiness after saying that.

“…Ugh..” One of the creatures inside the darkness trembled, seemingly hesitant. Eventually, it decided to crawl its way out of the shadows and approach the metal bar.

“That’s more like it. Good girl~” The emptiness and malice in Mylar’s eyes speedily fading away, she grinned and stroked the hairy head that was lowered before the metal bar.

“Uuu…” The dim light swayed, brightly illuminating her bloodied and injured face.

At this moment, her long golden hair was drenched with mud, and her snow-white skin was littered with injuries, inflamed and swollen due to the lack of timely treatment. Her eyes, akin to purple precious stones, bore traces of lifelessness and sluggishness. Her furry ears were covered by numerous large wounds…

This was the ‘dear love’ Mylar was referring to.

“Mhm~ Good girl. Did Xiao Yi think about me when I was not around?” Mylar was all smiles as she rubbed the girl’s hair.

The cat-eared girl was momentarily dazed, but quickly regained her composure and frantically nodded her head.

“Good child. Make sure to show me your most captivating side today, alright?” Mylar covered her mouth and smiled, but the madness emanating out of her eyes made her appear vastly different from before.

‘Of all things in this world, a sullied holy flower is truly the prettiest~”

“Hey, I’ve brought you some ‘good tonic’ to nourish your body, you need to drink~ it~ all, alright?”

Saying that, Mylar’s face flushed as she undid the waistband of her luxurious dress.

“Drip, drip…” The sound of dripping water resounded.

The cat-eared girl’s face had a dazed expression on her face before she rushed towards it in a hurry and licked at the droplets dripping on the floor with all her might.

“Hehehe~” Mylar revealed a depraved smile as she looked at the cat-eared girl licking below her feet with a face full of satisfaction.

“Miss Ji Yue~~ She’s truly a special existence.” Lost in her own thoughts, Mylar mused to herself.

“If everything goes as planned, you might have another companion soon, Xiao Yi~”

The level of madness exhibited by the beautiful and elegant eldest daughter and head of the Setis household was a level of depravity that no one could ever foreseen.

To her, this act was a way to break free from the chains of ‘etiquette’ and connect to her most primitive, unrestrained self.

The more restrained one was in public, the more shockingly unrestrained they were in private.

“Oh, that’s right. Xiao Yi. Even though it happened so long ago… Have you heard that the target chosen by Her Majesty the Queen for her virgin embrace is said to have been a human! What a joke! Those apes which know nothing but procreation are not suitable for such a noble bloodline and title!” Saying that, Mylar’s tone suddenly turned hysterical as she vented.

“It’s truly a mistake to allow the royal family to consolidate all the power… Now, this is just perfect; That baloney of a so-called ‘princess’ ran away! Hahaha, what a spectacle this Royal Family is! Wouldn’t everything have been fine if she simply played her role of canary and increased the purity of her [Primordial Vein] for the next generation of nobles?? What harm is there in playing the role of a princess and enjoying the glory and riches for the rest of her life? I can’t see any reason against it!”

“Once that Princess Bai Ji or whatever completes her virgin embrace, you’ll see how I’ll get her in my hands. And then, I’ll show her what a defiled holy flower truly feels like. Hehehe~”

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