ATAPOW Chapter 150

ATAPOW Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: A Fierce Battle

“Heave-Ho~ Let me bestow Mister Rabbit upon you!”

“Eeeh…??” Lan Yu’s vision turned pitch black as a white rabbit ferociously engraved itself upon his face.

Bai Ji bent her knees and shot upwards into the air with Lan Yu’s face as a leverage point. Her massive pitch-black wings unfolded, propelling her towards Blue who was binded down by metallic chains.

“Swoosh! …Crack!” A massive white bone sickle, seemingly as light as air in her hands, split a pair of black chains into halves at the same time.

“Uuuh…” As if feeling herself free-falling through the air, the complexion of the unconscious Blue turned unsightly.

“Plop.” A massive black wing caught her.

“…Ueh~ That was a really good sleep..” Blue lazily stretched her body, smacking her lips and rubbing her drowsy eyes.

“Eeeheh!? Am I dreaming?” Seeing the long hair that was like exquisite silk caused Blue to fall into a daze.

“You’re awake?…”

“M-Miss Anna?! Why are you here??” Exclaimed Blue in astonishment, as she pointed at Bai Ji before her.

“Are you the one that saved me?~”

“Anna? …What do you mean? You love to eat Banana1?” Bai Ji tilted her head to the side. She had a nagging feeling that this name sounded very familiar.

“Hold on! …Sniff, sniff, sniff.” Extending her nose outwards, Blue approached Bai Ji ’s face and gave it a sniff.

“No! You’re not Miss Anna!” She declared, brows furrowed, in a pretentious earnest manner.

‘Anna… is that a person2?’

Bai JI knitted her brows.

“Oh dear! So, my saviour, are you Miss Anna’s little sister?” Gold light sparkled from Blue’s eyes. As if she was very fond of Bai Ji, she passionately rubbed against her chest.

‘I-It’s a bit hard~ But! She is actually Blue’s saviour!’ 

“I don’t know any Anna.” Bai Ji shook her head.

“Ohh! Then are you Miss Anna’s big sister?”

“AS I already said, I don’t know that person.” Bai Ji’s face darkened.

“I-Is that so?” Blue instantly shrunk her head, for fear that she had incurred Bai Ji’s displeasure.

“Oh dear~ You actually dare confuse me with someone else. I’m a little bit displeased, you know that?” Bai Ji suddenly revealed a charming smile as she approached Blue with eyes full of hidden meaning.

“Uuu~ … Is little sister angry now? I-I’m sorry…” Blue acted very vulnerably.

“Ehe~ You can save your apologies. How about giving me something tangible and letting me eat my fill?” Bai Ji approached Blue’s ears and licked her cherry-like lips with her small tongue, revealing her cute and tiny canine tooth in the process.

“Wauuu…” Blue instantly covered her eyes as her dog ears began to tremble.

‘Does this mean she is going to eat me up? …Uuu~ But mama said that I should use everything I have to repay my benefactors, including my own body…’ 

“P-Please be gentle…” Blue couldn’t bear to look and shut her eyes tight.

However, the pain she had imagined did not arrive.

When Blue opened her eyes again, she realized that she had already returned to the surface. Next to her was Ke’er, serenely laying down with her stomach touching the ground.


“It’s nothing serious, she’s alright.”

With her back facing Blue, the silver-haired girl held a massive scythe grossly disproportionate to her own body type. A gust of wind coming from the front ruffled her long hair upwards.

“Look after Ke’er.” A coldness unbefitting of her age was ingrained in her puerile voice.

“…Ah, Eeh? Yes!” After being dumbstruck momentarily, Blue immediately sat up on her knees and shook her tail once, like a loyal dog.

“The Radiant Knight… A vampire??” The glistening yellow eyes of Lan Yu had turned perfectly round from staring at the silver-haired girl standing before their owner; All while revealing an expression that alternated between fear and doubt.

“…He, hehe… S..So, that was the case… So that was why the chivalry group was unwilling to save us when the village had been attacked back then. So that’s how it is… What Knight King, what Temple Association… All of them are simply works of fabrication…” Lan Yu silently muttered to himself with a tone so calm that it made one feel a sense of eeriness.

“Knight King? Hehe… Truly the most hilarious joke. Oh my, say, what sort of uproar would arise if I publicized your true identity to the masses? … Not only did the hero of humanity — the fifth generation Knight King, <Radiant>, not pass away, his true identity is actually that of a cute vampire??  Hehehe… Truly ironic, don’t you think so?”

Bai Ji stood with her scythe upright and silently stared at Lan Yu who carried a bizarre smile on his face.

“Hmph! This sovereign being had still held on to the belief that you’re someone of high noble character who can criticize me on moral high ground. Never did I expect that this supposed knight king is even dirtier than I am! From this, I can assume your lackeys are amongst those fat, sanctimonious pigs in the temple association?”

“Swoosh!” Lan Yu leaned his head to the side, and evaded a small bat that was thrown in his direction.

“What’s wrong? Did you fly into a rage from the humiliation of having your mask ripped off?”

“Ah, speaking of which, this sovereign being is somewhat curious; As a female vampire, how did you perfectly conceal your identity for decades? Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel discomfort or other reactions?” Lan Yu spoke in an ambiguous and mystifying manner as he revealed an expression full of ridicule.



Three small bats ferociously smashed into Lan Yu’s face, causing explosive shockwaves to reverberate outwards.

“Oh dear~? My apologies~ Earlier, there was a large housefly continuously ‘buzzing’ near my ears that was so noisy. I wanted to smash it, but accidentally got your face instead. I sincerely apologize to you from the bottom of my heart.” Bai Ji revealed a sweet smile while lifting her dress and making a slight bow as if apologizing for a mistake.

“Hehe, of course it’s alright. Did ‘Miss Radiant’ manage to chase off that fly then?” Heavily emphasizing the words ‘Miss Radiant’ on purpose, Lan Yu cheerily asked as he wiped away the scattered remains of the small bats.

“I generally wrap such bothersome little bugs into a paper and grill them over a fire, you know~”

“Is that so? That’s pretty cruel indeed.”

“Heh.” Giving a sneer, she flapped her demon wings and charged high into the air. She then swopt down like a bird of prey, leaving a gale in her wake.

“Boom!” A massive impact stirred up dust particles, sending them into the air and covering the scene in lingering smoke.

“Ugh…Cough, cough…” Choking and coughing several times, Blue hurriedly covered both her nose and mouth. Only at this moment did she remember the unconscious Ke’er in the corner, and hurriedly used her tail to cover her as well.

Bai Ji floated in the air, while Lan Yu stood on the ground. The scythe laid horizontally between them as the two carried out a trial of strength.

Vampires possessed an unusually good amount of mastery over the domain of [Magic]  and had an exceptionally easy time learning a [Sorcery Spell] after grasping its theory. However, they were extraordinarily bad in physical techniques to the point that it was impossible to compare them with the lower-tiered contemporaries who had tempered their bodies over a long period of time.

As a [Magically Summoned Object] exclusive to the direct bloodline of the vampire royal family, one type of intrinsic magic included within [Soul Devourer Goutermera] perfectly made up for the flaws in a vampire’s physical constitution and technique. This gave vampires, with their natural frailty, the ability to openly compete in close quarters combat as well.

“Miss Radiant is simply too negligent. Or should I say that you’re underestimating me? Close quarters is simply not a vampire’s home field.” As Lan Yu pressed against the scythe, the veins in his forehead popped out and the corners of his mouth pursed upwards.

(A lot of readers responded that they are unsure about the spell classification(>﹏<), its might are classified as follow from ascending order: Common-class, Crushing-class, Destructive-class, Disaster-class, Despair-class, Divine-vein, Impeccably-class, True Divine-Vein)

(Anything above crushing class requires Deepspeak as support~ Under normal circumstances, humans have no way of using it~)

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  1. In the original sentence, Bai Ji meant that she liked to eat Chestnut… Because the Chinese version of Anna’s name is Li Zi , the Chinese name for Chestnut.
  2. As previously mentioned, in the original text, Anna is called Chestnut… so here, Bai Ji was wondering if Chestnut is a human and not a food xD
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