ATAPOW Chapter 145

ATAPOW Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Arrival

Green’s shouts roused up the two impulsive girls who had frozen in place.

Unfortunately, they attracted the attention of the large monster above them at the same time.

“Hsss…” The monster spat out a mouthful of turbid air. It fixed its copper-bell-sized eyes downwards, as a seam appeared on the big maw on its abdomen. Behind its densely-packed inverted teeth was an incessantly churning and hurling darkness with seemingly no end to it.

“Rooooooooooar…!” A gale erupted, uprooting young trees on the street side. They, along with some signboards, were swept upwards by a black tornado and sucked deep inside the large sinister maw.

Its hunger seemed to be insatiable.

“Waaaaahhhh!” Under the chaotic gale, Ke’er held onto her exposed mini skirt. She was just about to slip her way into the store before she realized that she had lost her balance and the soles of her feet were in the air.

“Ke’er-chan!” Blue held onto the hems of Ke’er’s skirt with her mouth.

The quality of the skirt was exceptionally well-made, causing them both to be sucked into the large sinister maw by the tornado as one.


“It seems I know its location.” Ji Bai hung up his phone and looked at the black shadow far up in the skies that covered the sun.

The shrieks and bawlings in his surroundings had been covered up by the remnants of an explosion.

As the feelings of the citizens transitioned from hope to despair, help from the Chivalric Order remained as absent as ever. The only thing had changed was the increasing degree of damage on surrounding buildings and the remnant embers of scorched corpses.

“Crack…” A burning building toppled over with a loud bang.

“My son!!” The heart-rending scream of a mother rang out.

—Amidst the approaching danger, a young infant clad in swaddling clothes was blissfully sleeping, completely oblivious to the disaster that was about to befall him.

As a shower of glowing sparks poured onto the bedsheets, a man wearing dark-silvery armor appeared, sweeping white-silvery particles in his wake. With one of his hands pushing against a collapsing fiery beam, the other hand was holding onto a young child that was nestled within his embrace.

“My child! My child… Thank- Thank you, Sir Knight!” The woman came to her senses. Tightly hugging her infant, she incessantly thanked him before running off in a hurry.

Ji Bai pushed away the beam as he looked at the distant sky from an elevated position.

He knew exactly what he needed to do next.

In a situation where he was certain of the direction where the mastermind had gone, he could use his vampiric powers to roughly determine his current location.

He knew he had to speed up his actions. After all, if all went as expected, it was impossible for the local Chivalric Order to receive the order to mobilize…


“Crack!” A signboard that came flying head-on was sliced into two right through the middle.

“Miss. I advise against staying in the Border Town for long. It’s best if we withdraw from here as soon as possible.” The goatee knight respectfully said to Ji Yue after he had returned to her side and placed his sword back into its scabbard.

“Which Chivalric Order is in charge of manning the Border Town’s defence?” Ji Yue expressionlessly looked up at the gradually darkening sky.

“Miss, it’s the Chivalric Order of the Radiant Knight.”

“Why do they not notice that?”

“That… Your subordinate is clueless.”

“Huff…” A gale whistled and blew towards them, as a massive creature caused the land to seemingly tremble with each step it took.

“Hehehe… Seems like there’s still a pair of fishes that escaped the net? Oh? This little human brat actually looks quite fine!” The gaze of the troll foot soldier was like an invisible large hand that incessantly cruised all over Ji Yue’s body. His large bloodstained filled face squeezed out a nauseating smile.

“Miss, please stay back for the time being.” The goatee knight drew out his sword and blocked the road ahead of her.

“Hmph! Inferior trash, get out of my sight and die!” Said the troll foot soldier in contempt.

[Sacred Martial Ability — Silent Apostle]

As quickly as a gust of wind, the presence of the goatee knight had completely disappeared from where he had stood.

The troll foot soldier squinted its eyes after wiping its neck; Covering its hand was green blood — It was clueless as to when the gash had appeared on the skin around its neck.

“You shall pay the price for your words.” The silhouette of the goatee knight had already appeared behind the troll soldier’s back some time ago.

“You damnable housefly! I’ll kill you!” Snarled the troll soldier as it ruthlessly brought his spiked club that was strong enough to smash a skull into watermelon bits crashing down on him.

“Boom!!” The attack struck nothing but air. “Swish-swish!” The sound of someone breaking through the sound barrier resounded twice. A swift and fierce gust brushed against the goatee knight’s ears as he grazed past the troll soldier at an impossible speed.

“Aaaah!” Green blood splashed out from the side of the troll’s face and an anguished howl left its massive body.

Even though wounds had appeared in several parts of the troll’s body, they weren’t capable of dealing substantial damage to its coarse skin and thick flesh.

Being the one with the upper hand, the goatee knight began to follow a set pattern as he put his Sacred Martial Ability on display and carried out his attacks.

“Hmph! Naive and ignorant inferior species!” The corners of the troll’s mouth formed the trace of a ruthless smile, as they began to form words of an abstruse language in a low tone.

[Destructive Class—Spirit Walk]

The movements of the troll instantly sped up by a few levels, a sharp contrast to the sluggish movement made by his massive body earlier. This caused the movements of the goatee knight, whose attacks had been swift and fierce like a gale, to slow down.

The troll foot soldier grabbed onto the goatee knight’s longsword and firmly pinned down his movements.

“You’re done for, you scurrying rat!…”

“Clank!” Before the spiked club could smash the goatee knight’s head into pieces, a silver light wall enveloped the place in an awe-inspiringly manner.

“Clang…!” A series of ripples intensely shot out from within the light wall, splitting the spiked club into two.

“What…!?” The troll froze as the eye-dazzling silver radiance caught his gaze.

Before its eyes, thirteen eye-catchingly gorgeous silver pikes were revolving around the girl as if they were knights protecting their mistress.

Dark hair floated upwards as if grouping around a revered leader. At their center was Ji Yue, whose beauty, aloofness and aura of nobility resembled an empress on the verge of receiving her crown.

“Hmph, just a gaudy display. These toothpick-like pikes actually have quite the appearance… “ The troll stopped its taunt as its eyes turned wide.

A silver pike had pierced through its throat and took away its life in a clean manner.

Bubbles of blood flowed out from its mouth. With a deep feeling of disbelief, the troll soldier collapsed with a loud bang.

“Cough, cough… For Missus to actually have to make a move to save this subordinate, I’m guilty…” Said the kneeling goatee knight in a fit of dry cough.

Ji Yue shook her head indicating that it was just a trivial matter before waving her hand.

Like a magic trick, the thirteen pikes returned back into her body.

“Mister Yu, please contact the other chivalric groups close to the Border Town to come over and lend their assistance.”

“Yes, this subordinate understands loud and clear.”

“It’s time for us to leave.” Ji Yue’s gaze was calm as she shot a gaze at the Border Town, which had fallen into complete disarray.


Inside the dark and moist sewers.

Other than the gurgling sound of flowing water amidst the darkness, the sound of local “natives” grinding their teeth could be heard from time to time.

“Crack!” A leather boot stepped forward, causing an abandoned plastic shell to splinter into fragments.

“Gi-gi!” Some small animals that had come out to forage for food were frightened and dispersed in confusion.

Light emitted from a torch illuminated a cross-shaped metal helmet, as well as the killing intent bursting out from behind its visor.

“Scrape, scrape.”

He stopped in his tracks.

Just a bit more and he would reach his destination.

In front of him seemed to be a wastewater treatment center, which at the moment, was being occupied by something else.

A sticky, meat-colored mucus membrane covered the surface of the massive channel.

At a glance, it seemed that a huge meatball had thoroughly clogged up the entire channel. Many minute pipes extended outwards through the surface of the ‘huge meatball’, as if they were pipelines meant to transport energy.

The one on the receiving end of their deliveries was none other than the monster that was sitting and meditating on top of the meat ball with its eyes closed.


“Ke’er, Ke’er-chan~? *lick, lick…”

Through the haziness, Ke’er could feel her face getting wet, as if there was a piece of small, moist cloth wiping her cheeks.

The first thing that came into her view after she opened her eyes with some difficulty was a pair of furry ears.

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