ATAPOW Chapter 101 Released!(Sponsored Chapter #18!)

Hello everyone, Kurisu here! So last week was kind of a mess since there’s stuff IRL going on that I needed to attend to, and the longer word count on each chapter meant that I needed to spend more time on it. Hopefully, things will pick up pace now that I am back! As a side note, we’re now two chapters away from the premium chapters!

Special thanks to Kyklu, Shruikan, Mysti, and Shrui for helping out on this chapter!

This chapter is brought to you by Joseph Atwood, Jan Hölscher ,Isaac Nash, Sean Sahota,Richard Henderson. Thank you all so much!

In the previous chapter, a mysterious creature has intruded into the battle between the protagonist and Gordon. What will happen next? Click here to find out!

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See you next time!

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