ATAPOW Chapter 54

ATAPOW Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Force

Border Town, inside the branch of the Chivalric Order of Radiant Knights. 

“Section head! According to the report given by the frontline reconnaissance vanguards, a large group of troll foot soldiers gathered outside the border town and formed a dark, dense, and impenetrable encirclement outside the city walls! They’re currently requesting for aid to reinforce their post!” A knight had fallen to one knee while holding onto his sword. His forehead was covered in sweat, he made this report in a frantic and helpless manner.

“What’s the hurry? The city gate’s barrier is still intact, what harm would there be to let them build up? It’d all be pointless in the end.” Lan Yu was calm and composed as he sat pompously on a mahogany fur chair.  

“B-But! The barrier stopped functioning for some unknown reasons, leaving only the barrier to the city gate intact. With only a handful of frontline knights on the city wall, it’s only a matter of time before the trolls will breach the city walls!”

“Are you teaching a section head like me what to do, soldier?” Lan Yu shot a cold glance at the knight; His speech had carried traces of frostiness in them.    

“Your subordinate wouldn’t dare…”  The knight faintly trembled and said in a respectful manner after lowering his head. 

“Then, you should go ahead and do what you need to do. I have my own plans as a section head,” Lan Yu raised his head and loftily said this. After leaning back, he contentedly laid against his seat.  

“…” The knight was hesitant and continued to kneel on the ground.

“What? Do you not trust your own section head?” Lan Yu slightly knitted his brows; He was very dissatisfied that his subordinate was refusing to heed his order. “Trolls are brave, aggressive, and pugnacious. We cannot recklessly fight against these unfeeling and unreasonable barbarians, we can only outsmart them. We. Cannot. Recklessly. Fight. Them. Understand? So stand down! Are you thinking of disobeying your orders in these extraordinary times?”    

“Yes, yes…” Knowing that he had already aroused his superior’s fury, the knight promptly nodded his head and exited the room. 


In an abandoned building in the outskirts of the border town, a series of girl’s sobs indistinctly echoed forth.  

Below the deathly pale glow emitted by the wobbly hanging chandelier, there was a small wooden chair placed on the third floor of the veranda. A girl as petite as the wooden chair restlessly sat on top of the chair, trembling and wobbling together with it. A piece of hemp rope had boorishly tied the girl and chair together. Although it had bound the girl so tightly to the point she felt extreme pain, she didn’t dare utter a word for fear it would offend these tall, sturdy, and ruthless silhouettes around her.  

The trolls had sat together on the floor on twos and threes. They placed their weapons within arm’s reach, nurturing their strength and biding their time. 

“…” The red-haired troll, who was leaning against the stone pillar with its arms crossed, suddenly opened its closed eyes. The edge of its mouth gradually formed a trace of a smile, it said, “They’re here.”  

Even though its voice was soft, it quickly aroused the vigilance of all the troll foot soldiers around, who stood up in succession and picked up their weapons. They then drew themselves closer towards the red-haired troll. 

“Click, clack…” The sound of footsteps closing in step by step resounded.  

“Bullying a little girl isn’t much of an accomplishment. Especially when it’s done by a bunch of tall, sturdy fools. Before the owner of the voice arrived, its sound had already reverberated throughout the entire third storey. A young man, wearing a black crescent moon robe, gradually walked out from the darkness. 

“Mr. Ji Bai…!” Ke’er ash-like eyes began to regain their focus once more. The familiar silhouette gave her a boundless sense of security at this moment. 

“What?… Did your chivalric order send you alone here?” The red-haired troll narrowed its eyes. It was somewhat disappointed as it stared at the empty space around Ji Bai. It was evident that it was deeply unsatisfied with the number of fish it lured out with its bait.     

“That’s right. Are you all just that much of an idiot to not know how every single one of you are worth?”Ji Bai recklessly smiled as he stuck one hand into his hip.


“Hmph!” The eyes of the gathered trolls gradually turned dangerous. As a race that possessed a straightforward deposition, JI Bai’s provocation had undoubtedly angered them.     

“Arrogant human… Haha… I really want to find out though. The reason why you think you’re able to save her.” The red-haired troll revealed an ugly smile as it signaled the troll beside Ke’er with its eyes. 

A hunting knife pierced the air and landed horizontally on Ke’er fair neck.

“You trolls are indeed capable of forcing an underaged girl like this. Do you dare and fight me in a 1 vs 1 if you have the guts?” Ji Bai’s face turned cold and apathetic as he looked at the red-haired troll that was leading the pack.

“Oh, alright. In that case, this shall be the rule then. If I win, you die. If I lose, I will return this kitten to you… Hahaha! Do you honestly expect your daddy will say such words?!” The red-haired troll looked up at the sky as it laughed. When it waved its strength and forceful arms, claw-shaped magic that was tinged in a somewhat dark-brown color tore across the air.   

‘Dark-brown color… Is that the troll’s【Divine Vein】?’

【Gliding Strike】

Ji Bai’s pupils tightened. With both his hands holding onto the sword, he lowered his body and dodged to the side. The edge of the magical undulations rubbed against the body of his sword, creating sparks. Ji Bai made use of the ensuing force and leapt to the side.  

“Hmm?” The red-haired troll narrowed its eyes. 

“Throw your sword away! Otherwise…” It glanced its eyes towards Ke’er behind its back like it was hinting something. Upon seeing this, the troll soldier beside the little cat drew back the corner of its mouth. The knife that was horizontal on her neck moved closer to it, until it was only a hair’s width apart.    

“Clank.” Ji Bai slightly frowned and released his grip, allowing the sword to fall onto the ground. He then kicked it away with his leg. 

“Hehehe. Yes, just like that. Just hold still.” The corners of the red-haired troll’s mouth revealed a cruel smile. 

“Crack!” The sound of an armor tearing quickly resounded. With a pale complexion, Ji Bai covered his right arm. A shiny blade had ferociously lodged itself less than half a foot where his shoulder was.

“Mr… Ji Bai.” Ke’er’s eyes lost its luster as she looked at the injured Ji Bai ahead of her. She had fallen into a daze.   

“That’s right, hahaha! Just like that! Stay there and don’t move. It’s been a long time since your granddaddy has thrown knives into a rabbit, so let me practice!” The troll laughed heartily and withdrew another dazzling sharp dagger from the pouch in its waist.  

“Brat, don’t think that your granddaddy is unaware that your team is somewhere in the surroundings, looking at everything unfolding right now??” The red-haired troll shot a glance at a portion of grassy bush within the darkness as it grinned.    

“Wait until your granddaddy stabs and turns you into a porcupine. I shall see whether they will be able to differentiate you then! Hehehe…” 

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