ATAPOW Chapter 102

ATAPOW Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Compromise

A dazzling blade with a gorgeous pattern welded onto it; Crafted using profound metals, it was vastly beyond what human workmanship could emulate.

It was orders of magnitude better than the low quality molybdenum sword he originally had. Apart from its overly vampiric design, there was nothing he could nitpick at.  

“…You’ve resolved the most pressing problem for me. Th—Thank you.” Although Ji Bai found it somewhat difficult to get the words ‘thank you’ out of his mouth, in the end, he still managed to do so.      

“Earlier, what did you rely on to find my location that quickly?” Lin was seemingly more concerned with another problem than Ji Bai, someone she was at odds with. 

“My intuition for vampires. Does that count?” 

After saying that, Ji Bai turned his body around and ran down the path he came from. 

After seeing his silhouette gradually disappear into the distance, Lin was slightly startled when she turned around and prepared to pack up the remains of the spider specimen.  

The spot where the monster remains were supposed to be was now completely empty. 


“Mhm~ This bitterness carries a fragrant sweetness. Truly worthy of a tea brewed by Miss Lan.” Smiled a handsome and carefree youth clad in formal attire who was clasping a teacup in his hands.

“Those tea leaves were actually brought in by you. Don’t tell me that the tea’s flavor changes according to the person brewing it?” Lan Yi raised her eyebrows slightly.   

“Sigh, Lil’ Lan is truly as unromantic as ever. With this, I can be at ease now.” Joked the youth.   

“If you have any official matter in mind, then hurry up and spit it out. I’m not particularly free right now.” Saying so, Lan Yi shot a glance at the pile of paperwork that went up to her chest. 

“If my memory serves me right, you’re just an assistant of the chivalric order, am I right? Why then does it seem like every document has to be looked over by you?” The youth gave a beaming smile as he looked at Lan Yi. 

“It can’t be helped, my Chivalric Leader isn’t pulling her weight. No matter what task it is, she always pushes it to me.” Lan Yi heaved a slow sigh; Whether that was a sigh of lament or helplessness was unknown.        

“Oh, is she that adorable vampire excellency? …She seems to be very fascinated with human technology.”  

“…You guys have kept tabs on her?” Lan Yi’s tone suddenly turned cold. 

“Haha, it was just a question, nothing more. That said, you shouldn’t be too sensitive Lil’ Lan-Lan. A sensitive woman won’t have any suitors, alright~” The handsome and carefree man gave a calm smile and gulped down the tea inside his cup.  

“Clack.” Following the sound of someone twisting a doorknob, the door to the hall opened. 

“Ji Bai? How did you find out where the reception room is?” Lan Yi’s brows slightly rose when she saw the person who had arrived. 

“By asking the lady at the front desk. That’s not difficult.” After saying that, Ji Bai narrowed his eyes. He was sizing up the handsome and carefree youth who was leisurely sitting on a bench — Or, to be precise, the ‘object’ behind him.  

“Oh, isn’t this the first year’s champion? It’s been a long time since we last saw each other. I wonder if you still remember me.” The handsome and carefree youth placed his teacup down and greeted him with a smile. 

“I remember.” 

“This is truly my honor. After all, it has already been some time since we last met each other.”  

“No, I managed to catch a glimpse of you yesterday on the third floor’s balcony of the discipline committee building.” Ji Bai shook his head.   

“Oh, is that so?” 

“…If it’s alright with you, I hope you can openly show yourself.” Ji Bai said as he looked at the handsome and carefree youth… the shadow behind him.  


“It’s alright. There’s no outsider here, so you can come out, Phantom.” The handsome and carefree youth smiled and clapped his hands.  

“…” Among the following silence, the sound of footsteps resounded where the shadow was. A black-hooded man, whose skin was covered from head to toe with leather armor and fabric, walked out with his arms folded. 

“Why do you still bring along your bodyguard when there are no outsiders around?” Asked Lan Yi expressionlessly.  

“Well, you know, my chap, Phantom, is a seasoned otaku. When there’s time, I’ll naturally bring this guy out for a walk. Otherwise mold is going to grow on his body.” Said the youth and revealed a mischievous smile.        

“…” Phantom himself remained silent and stood in the corner with his arms folded. 

“Since someone requires your assistance, we shan’t disturb you any further. Goodbye.” The handsome and carefree youth stood up and revealed a candid smile. As he walked towards the door, he shot a flitting glance at Ji Bai through the corner of his eyes. Following behind him was the ever-quiet Phantom, who brushed past Ji Bai on his way out. 

“Click.” The door closed. 

“You have arrived here in quite a hurry. I presume you have some important matter that requires my assistance? ” Asked Lan Yi as she began to pack up the tea set.   

“Problems have arisen in Border Town.” 

“Mhm? What type of problem?” 


“Oh, was it Lin who told you about that? I guess I don’t have a choice then.” Lan Yi stopped packing up the tea set and turned her head around.  

“Monsters have appeared inside the city.” 

“If what you’re referring to are goblins, my guess is that you’re on the mark.”  

“It’s not just them.” Ji Bai shook his head and narrated everything he had seen and heard today to Lan Yi.  

“A large spider with a human face? What type of demon breed is that exactly?” Lan Yi frowned slightly. 

“I can guarantee that it’s not a demon.” 

“So, where is it?” 

“It was killed by the parasite and a strange sorcerer.” Explained Ji Bai unenthusiastically.   

“A sorcerer?” Lan Yi pinched her forehead as if she was experiencing a slight headache.  

“How could there possibly be a shaman in these parts…”  

“Let’s put this question aside for the time being. You’re going to send some people to explore the sewers, am I right?” 

“Yes, but the people who are willing to go into an unseemly and vile environment like the sewers are very few. The points awarded aren’t very high either.”  


“Mhm. I haven’t gotten the chance to explain it to you yet. The common currency within the Chivalric Order of the Moon Knights are points, and only by going through missions and finishing your schoolwork can one obtain them. They can be converted into items like weapons and equipment, or even be exchanged for outside currency.” Explained Lan Yi.  

“This stuff doesn’t matter. You guys should just give whatever you see fit. Just give me a spot in the mission.” 

“No way. A newcomer isn’t allowed to participate in such a difficult mission. After all, the enemy you’ll have to face might be a bona fide demon.” Said Lan Yi coldly. 

“Do you think I am afraid of demons?” Ji Bai moved his head closer. 

“I know you have your skills, but this is the rule.” 

 “So, are you guys just going to drag it out like that? Then, has the official chivalric order made its move? 

“They have dispatched their troops, however, that was just a symbolic gesture consisting of a few silver knights. Compared to exploring, it seemed more like they were trying to pacify the residents. It’s obvious that they don’t treat this matter with great importance.” 

“…” Ji Bai was silent. Carrying his sword, he turned around and tried to leave. 

“Are you looking for death?” 

“What?” Ji Bai stopped his tracks.

“I know what you want to do… Even a battle-hardened knight has to think it through before leaving for a dark, unknown territory alone. What will happen to Ke’er if you were to leave like this, only to never come back??”  

“When a demon with unknown motives is moving below my bed, I won’t be able to get any sleep, and I’m sure it’s the same for the commoners in the entire town.”

“…When it comes to paranoia, I really am no match to you.” Lan Yi heaved a sigh.

“So you have given your consent?”  

“There’s one condition: At the minimum, you have to rope in two classmates from the class you’re in into a group. I won’t agree otherwise.”   

“I am capable of handling this on my own.“ 

”No. If you’re to act on your own initiative, I am going to tell Ke’er.” With an expressionless face, Lan Yi spoke in a tone that suggested that this was not up for negotiation.  

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